Roles Played by Sidhant Dhingra & Associates as a Criminal Lawyer

The job of a criminal lawyers is tough. Yet most of the time, criminal lawyers are misjudged for fighting the case of individuals who the public feels are guilty. However, it is important to understand that our law clearly states that a person shall be assumed to be innocent until he has been proven guilty by the court.

We at Sidhant Dhingra & Associates trust our clients completely and stand by their side till the very end. Every information shared by the clients with us is completely safe. Based on this information we carefully plan out the defense for the client. We strive hard to try and prove the innocence of our client. If the client is indeed guilty, we try to negotiate a lower sentence or a soft punishment for them.

As a criminal lawyer, we wish to ensure that every individual gets proper representation in a court of law. Being able to present their side of the story and defend their actions in a courtroom, is a right granted to every individual of this country by our constitution. As a defense criminal lawyer, we simply uphold this right of the citizens of our country.

To be able to offer a good defense to our clients, we have to play many different roles and parts on behalf of the client in a courtroom. Some of the important roles played by us in the capacity of a criminal lawyer include the following:

Critical Thinker

The information and facts shared by the client with us is only one side of the coin. To be able to understand the whole situation and plan the best defense, we need to take on the role of a critical thinker. We try to look beyond the obvious and find hidden clues and evidences.


Not just with our clients, but we like to pay close attention to everything that everyone involved in the case has to say. We like to put ourselves in their shoes and consider their statements with empathy. This helps us understand the mental state of each witness, which eventually helps us use their testimonies in building a strong defense for our clients.


As a sponge, we absorb all the information provided to us by various parties and experts involved in the case. Once all the information has been collected by us, we then squeeze it out and use the same to understand the bigger picture and prepare a great defense.


We very strongly believe that if there is even a little scope for a case to get settled out of court, it is in the best interest of the client. It helps get the client a deal which is acceptable to them. It also helps save a lot of time, money and energy. Besides out of court settlements, our negotiation techniques help us deal with the opposition attorneys as well. These negotiation skills help in convincing the judge to give a judgment that is lenient towards our clients.


As your criminal lawyer, it is our job to guide you and lead you in a court of law. We teach our clients how they are supposed to behave in the courtroom and tell them exactly how they are supposed to answer questions on the stand. It is through our guidance that our clients are able to present their stories in front of the judge in the most convincing manner.

Problem Solver

The proceedings of a case do not always goes the way we have planned. There may be unforeseen circumstances that may come up, the opposition may present certain facts or evidences that we may not be aware of and which may adversely affect our case. In such situations, we take on the role of a problem solver. We use our creative thinking skills and come up with out of the box solutions to handle these situations.


This is the most important role that we play as a best criminal lawyer. Our excellent communication skills ensure that we are able to convey our information in the most effective manner. When presenting our case in a courtroom, it is important to understand how each work and sentence will be understood by other. We make sure that we convey our facts in a clear and precise manner.

By playing all of the above parts efficiently we make sure that we are successful inside the courtroom.

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Sidhant Dhingra
Sr. & Legal Associate